2. Drink whiskey

    I think I’m matte
    In my translucent state
    I lie in tact
    In broken phases of a frame
    The whip was cold
    When it cut through the final bright days
    And in the end
    It never meant a thing

    Don’t stare or stay
    Don’t ask or wonder
    Until you’re pulled down under
    Base is far from close and
    Fate will move in slow and safe and
    Mumbled voices say
    That time will take away
    But I think
    I’m a slate
    And I have been erased
    By my own hand

  3. This is me (:

  4. Me

  5. Many mistakes
    Zero regrets

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  7. "I don’t want to earn my living; I want to live."

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  9. Thank you Cosplay. I get to be my favorite video game character holding my biggest anime crush. SIGH

  10. Sushi is amazing